Marigot Ltd.

Marigot Ltd. is part of a highly diversified & entrepreneurial group of companies. The group operates in the areas of: health & nutrition, food ingredients, fermentation, distillation, mariculture and horticulture.

Marigot Ltd. is headquartered in Ireland, with sourcing & manufacturing in Iceland and the UK, responsible for the harvesting, processing and marketing of the Aquamin range of Lithothamnion seaweed as well as seawater derived ingredients. The company invests heavily in supporting independent, peer reviewed research examining the efficacy of Aquamin grades their utility from bone & joint, to inflammatory conditions including osteo arthritis and also the exciting area of digestive health.

Product List

Red seaweed Calcium- Aquamin™

Aquamin F
Aquamin TG
Aquamin AG
Aquamin S
Aquamin soluble

Marine Magnesium- Aquamin Mg

Aquamin Mg TG
Aquamin Mg AG
Aquamin Mg Soluble

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