Fucoidans- Maritech Bright

Product Description

Maritech® Bright is a highly characterized, certified organic fucoidan-polyphenol ingredient sourced from wild grown Fucus vesiculosus seaweed. Marine polyphenols and fucoidans naturally protect Fucus vesiculosus against a range of external stresses, including UV damage and marine-borne pathogens and toxins. Maritech® Bright delivers these benefits by providing superior antioxidant activity to protect skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Clinical studies have shown that Maritech® Bright is safe, non-sensitizing and highly effective at brightening skin. It enhances radiance and visibly reduces age spot pigmentation. Central to the efficacy of this ingredient is its proven ability to inhibit elastase, collagenase and tyrosinase – key enzymes known to accelerate the visible signs of ageing.

  • Certified organic
  • Solvent-free extraction
  • Non-sentising, nontoxic and non-irritating
  • COSMOS certified
  • Water soluble
  • Produced in Australia in ISO9001, HACCP & GMP certified facilities
  1. Skin Brightening
  2. Anti-ageing
  3. Anti-oxidant
Regulatory Status

REACH Exempt (EU), NICNAS registered (Australia) IECIC Listed Ingredient (China)

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