Innomin Gold

Product Description

Chelated Mineral Feed Supplement

Sr No. Characteristic Values per KG.
1 Moisture (%) Max. 5.00
2 Calcium Min. 190g
3 Phosphorus Min. 96g
4 Sulphur 5000-5500mg
5 Magnesium Min. 5000mg
6 Iron Min. 2000mg
7 Copper Min. 1500mg
8 Zinc Min. 1400mg
9 Manganese Min 4000mg
10 Cobalt Min. 160mg
11 Iodine Min. 260mg
12 Chromium Min. 40mg
13 Selenium Min. 10mg
14 Potassium Min. 1000mg
15 Vitamin A Min. 600000 I.U.
16 Vitamin D3 Min. 60000 I.U.
17 Vitamin E Min. 300mg
18 B-Carotene Min. 3500mg
19 HMTBa Min. 130g
20 Biotin (2%) Min. 2000mg
21 Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) Min. 1000mg

Note: The values for requirements 2 to 21 are on moisture free basis.

Contains HMTBa Chelated Minerals Which Are Highly & Readily Bio Available To The Cattle.

Usage Instructions

  • Milk Cattles: 100-200g per cattle per day according to milk production
  • Heifers: 50g Daily per cattle
  • Calvers: 20-25g Daily per calf for good physical growth or as per the advice of Doctor.

Net Weight: 2Kg (When Packed)

M.R.P. Rs.

Batch No.

Date of Mfg.

Best before 18 Months for the date of manufacture.

Store in cool & dry place

As advised by Animal Nutrition Adviser / Feed Formulator / Veterinarian

Not for human use. For poultry and animal feeding only.