Lactitol- OsmoAid®

Product Description
  • It is a Disaccharide derived from Lactose by reduction of its glucose part
  • It is very soluble in water
  • It is not digested nor absorbed
  • Being naturally in a white crystalline powder form, offers more possibilities of format extension (Liquid / Powder and in combination with probiotics).
  • The product complies with USP & EP, i.e. Pharma grade
  • The Manufacturing facility is CEP, HACCP, ISO 9000, ISO 14001, cGMP certified. Its Possess US DMF as well.
  • Mode of Action : –

Lactitol belongs the group – Osmotic laxatives, which are the most effective forms of laxatives with minimal side effects, compared to other laxatives. Lactitol gets minimally absorbed in the Small Intestine and is broken down into short chain fatty acids in the large intestine by bacterial degradation.This process lowers the pH of the colon that stimulates peristalsis. The breakdown of Lactitol also enhances the colonic osmotic pressure which increases water levels in the colon that result in laxative effect.

  • Proven Efficacy in treatment of chronic Constipation
  • Suitable for all age groups, well tolerated & user friendly.
  • Less side effects compared to other laxatives and taste is also well accepted by patients
  • Lactitol offers cost leadership over lactulose.
  • It has a prebiotic effect that energizes the saccharolytic bacteria that helps in healthy gut.
  • It shows synergystic effect with suitable probiotics & other bulk forming laxatives.
  • Laxative for long and short term constipation
  • Hepatic Encepathology
  • Intestinal Health / Immune Health – Prebiotic
  • Weight Management, Metabolic Health & Oral Health