Maltitol Powder (C☆Pharm™ Maltidex CH)

Product Description
  • Maltitol and maltitol syrups are produced by the catalytic hydrogenation of liquid glucose that contains a high proportion of the disaccharide maltose.
  • Maltitol syrups are well suited for the production of cough syrups and suspensions where their clean sweet taste and non-cariogenicity are particularly useful. Maltitol syrups are extremely stable against crystallization.
  • Most commonly used diluent.
  • Low glycemic index.
  • Non GMO.
  • USP/EP/JP compliance (IP as well if tested)
  • Solid dosage formulations
    • Plasticizer in gelatin capsules
  • Liquid dosage forms
    • Bulking agent in sugar-free solutions and syrups
    • Non-cariogenic sweetening agent
    • Anti-crystallizing agent
  • Medicated confectionery
    • Medicated chewing gum, sugar-free hard boiled candy
    • Sugar-free pastilles
  • Topical preparations
    • Emollient and humectant in creams and emulsions
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