Sorbitol Powder (C☆Pharm™ Sorbidex P 16616)

Product Description
  1. Sorbitol is available as a free-flowing crystalline powder.
  2. Our crystalline sorbitol is a unique excipient for the direct compression of tablets.
  3. Sorbitol has excellent flow properties, assuring uniform mixing and a constant tablet weight.
  4. Special grades of sorbitol powder have been specifically developed with respect to particle size distribution, flow properties and minimization of compression force needed for direct compression applications.
  5. Sorbitol’s bulk sweetness, non-reactivity and compatibility with active ingredients make it an ideal carrier in pharmaceutical formulations to improve taste and mouth feel.
  6. The Product is available in white powder form and is suitable for most of the solid formulations.
  7. It provides a pleasant mild sweetness for ODT, sachets and chewing gums.
  • Most commonly used diluent.
  • Low glycemic index.
  • Non GMO.
  • USP/EP/JP compliance (IP as well if tested)
  • Solid dosage forms
    • Diluent in tablet, capsule and powder formulations (wet granulation)
    • Sweetening agent in tablets and sachets
    • Plasticizer for gelatin capsules
  • Medicated confectionery
    • Medicated chewing gum
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