Soya Lecithin Liquid (Topcithin™)

Product Description
  1. Cargill’s pharmaceutical lecithin products are isolated from soy.
  2. Our lecithins are interface active and an effective way to keep oil-in-water as well as water-in-oil emulsions stable, preventing separation of the phases.
  3. Suspensions can also be stabilized by lecithins.
  4. Acts as a wetting agent, used for viscosity reduction, as release agents, and for crystallization control.
  5. Lecithin can be used as a most common Phospholipid (PL) excipients for solid PL formulations.
  6. It is used to enhance the bioavailability in some drugs by increasing the Solubility/Dissolution.
  1. Prominently used as a solubiliser, emulsifier, lubricant, controlled release agent.
  2. Non GMO.
  3. Better water dispersibility, Good for oil-in-water emulsion.
  4. Superior wetting and dispersibility properties.
  • Phosphatidylcholine (PC) content : 11-13
  • Recommended use 1 to 5% (Depends on nature of application and uses)
  • Solid dosage forms, wetting and dispersing agent for tablets and powders
  • Release agent for capsules
  • Fat crystallization delay in suppositories
  • Liquid dosage forms
  • Emulsifying and refattening agent for ointments
  • Emulsifying agent in liquid emulsions
  • Medicated confectionery
  • Conventional chewing gum
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