Enzymes for Textile Wet Processing

A. Desizing
Amylase enzymes break down starch and are therefore useful for desizing woven fabrics. Optisize® and PrimaGreen® desizing alpha-amylase enzymes are available for use in a wide pH and temperature range and are suited for all starch desizing processes.

●  PrimaGreen® EcoSize Plus
●  Optisize® NEXT

B. Enzymatic Scouring

PrimaGreen® enzymes represent the latest innovation for low to medium temperature   scouring at neutral pH, allowing savings in use of water and energy.

●  PrimaGreen® EcoScour

 C. Peroxide Clean-up

PEROXIDE CLEAN-UP with catalase has become the method of choice for hydrogen peroxide removal after textile bleaching. PrimaGreen® catalase enzyme promotes effective peroxide removal even under the most stringent processing conditions.

●  PrimaGreen® Oxy
●  PrimaGreen® Oxy 400
●  PrimaGreen® Oxy RTU

D. Fabric Bio-Finishing

Primafast® enzymes facilitate fabric bio-finishing at acid and neutral pH conditions to reduce pilling and create a higher quality surface by removing the fibrils that make fabric surfaces rough or fuzzy.

●  Primafast® 200
●  Primafast® LUNA CL PLUS
●  Primafast® FINISH PLUS
●  Primafast® GOLD RSL
●  Primafast® GOLD HSL
●  PrimaGreen® PowerFinish