Pregelatinized Starch- Innogel™ 9000/9500

Product Description

Innogel™ 9000/9500 is a partially pre-gelatinized maize starch manufactured in dedicated
GMP facility. Prepared by physically modifying maize starch by application of heat resulting in
the combined benefits of both the soluble and insoluble functionality.


-Excellent diluent to enhance stability of moisture sensitive API’s
-Improves formulation flow properties, resulting in good Tablet Weight Consistency
-Ensures excellent content uniformity so useful for Low Dose Drugs
-Provides process flexibility by exhibiting dual functionality as binder & disintegrant
-An effective and cost-effective disintegrant in direct compression

Grades Available
Pharmaceutical Applications


Can be used as wet or dry binder. Thereby providing process flexibility to produce tablets with excellent hardness & flowability.


Can be used as an effective disintegrant.


Exhibits excellent flow properties, hence provides minimum variation in drug
content & tablet weight.


Self-lubricating property eliminates any negative effect on dissolution or film
coating quality seen with other lubricants.