Trace Minerals Premix

Product Description

Trace Minerals Premix for Poultry

Highly Bio-available trace minerals for poultry feeding

Supplementation of trace minerals in daily diet of poultry is very much necessary for best metabolism and utilization of all nutrients. It is equally important to use good quality tested trace minerals from highly bio available sources in the required proportion to achieve the goal of overall health and for achieving maximum egg production and FCR among poultry birds.


Active Ingredient One kg trace mineral premix provides
1 Manganese (Min.) 100 g
2 Iodine (Min.) 2 g
3 Iron (Min.) 90 g
4 Zinc (Min.) 80 g
5 Copper (Min.) 15 g
6 Selenium (Min.) 300 mg
7 Diluents & anti-Caking Agent Q.S.

Along with the highly bio-available salts if the active ingredients, essential diluents, stabilisers and anti-caking agents to preserve the effectiveness of the minerals, are used.


  • Improves Growth, Metabolism fall nutrients
  • Egg Production, FCR performance
  • Reproduction & immunity

Feeding Recommendation:

Mix 750g and 1250g trace Mineral premix per MT of poultry fee (For Broiler, layer, grower, starter, breeder birds) or 1g per bird daily (OR as advised by nutritionist / Veterinarian)

Customised Trace Minerals Premix can also be provided upon specific requirement.

Packing: 25 Kg

Animal feed supplement. Not for medicinal use.

As advised by Animal Nutrition Adviser / Feed formulator / Veterinarian

Not for human use. For poultry and animal feeding only. Category: Animal Nutrition