Product Description

Feed supplements for dairy animals

Highly yielding cows and buffaloes in their early lactation cannot eat enough to provide all the energy they need for maintenance and milk production. This results in an energy gap also termed as negative energy gap also termed as negative energy balance.  To fulfil this gap, the dairy animals uses up its body fat, the energy stored inside to make up the energy gap. The “energy gap” or the negative energy balance creates severe health problems such as ketosis apart from drastic reduction in milk production and milk quality.

PROFAT very effectively and economically helps to combat this situation. PROFAT is dense vegetable origin source of protected proteins and fat in balance recommendation by nutritionists globally.

Benefits and features of PROFAT: 

  • Provides more protected protein and protected fat compared to any other vegetable protein and fat source.
  • Provides ideal balance of the limiting amino acids, Lysine and Methionine in naturel form. So no additional external supplementation and cost of synthetic lysine and methionine.
  • Excessive protein degradation results in ammonia accumulation in the dairy animal’s body which can lead to infertility. Feeding PROFAT helps to fight this problem.
  • PROFAT is rumen inert. Dose not undergo fermentation in the rumen and no risk of acidosis.
  • PROFAT improves milk production quality with more milk fat and more milk solids, significantly.
  • Helps increase production of progestogen, the essential hormone for pregnancy.

Feeding Recommendations:

Feed 250 gm to 500 gm INNOFEED PROFAT per animal per day, depending upon milk production


25 kg, 50 kg, net weight bags