Product Description

Chelated Mineral Mixture for Dairy Animals

Feeds and fodder in the ration if dairy animals do not contain all the essential minerals required for milk production and reproduction. Most of the farmers In India feed one or two types of feed ingredients to their growing and milking animals along with basal roughages, usually devoid of minerals. Livestock ration is thus deficient in these essential micronutrients, more often. Role of micro minerals in animal nutrition has also well-established through various studies conducted the world over.

Many feed millers and farmers tend to use readily available mineral mixture for incorporating in their cattle feed but this limits the freedom of designing and supplementing minerals as per the actual nutritional requirement. The farmer ends up paying high rates and transportation unnecessarily for calcium carbonate (Limestone powder/calcite), which is readily available at a cheaper cost locally. The feed miller / farmer can also include DCP feed grade as per formula variation time to time and requirement of Phosphorus in his feed formula.

The choice of components for a feed or mineral supplement is determined by purity and cost per unit of element required and the chemical form which may determine the stability and bioavailability of the required elements. Particle size of the mineral premix is also important for ease of mixing with other ingredients and availability to the animal. It is also essential that mineral supplementation should be free from harmful impurities.

INNOMIN is a scientifically prepared blend of selected minerals from highly bio-available sources which when mixed thoroughly with animal feeds, provides the much required.


  • Moisture: 5.0% Mix
  • Calcium: 25.50% Min
  • Phosphate: 12.0% Min
  • Copper: 0.20% Min
  • Zinc: 1.40% Min
  • Manganese: 0.10% Min
  • Cobalt: 0.01% Min
  • Iodine: 0.026% Min
  • Fluorine: 0.07% Max
  • Acid Insoluble ash: 3.0% Max
  • Lead (ppm): 23% Max
  • Arsenic (ppm): 8% Max

Feeding Recommendation:

  • Mix 100 gm INNOMIN per 100 kgs cattle Feed.
  • For Individual dairy animal feeding, feed 5 gram

As advised by Animal Nutrition adviser / Feed Formulator / Veterinarian
Note for human use. For poultry and animal feeding only. Animal Nutrition