KLK Oleo

KLK OLEO is one of the world’s leading oleochemical producers that is committed to delivering excellence in the global marketplace.

KLK OLEO’s production portfolio ranges from basic oleochemical products, such as Fatty Acids, Glycerine, Fatty Alcohols and Fatty Esters, all the way down the spectrum to specialties, such as Methyl Ester Sulphonates (MES), Surfactants and Phytonutrients. Their products are used in diverse end-use applications, including home & personal health care, cosmetics & toiletries, food, flavours & fragrances, lubricants, polymers and industrial chemicals. Backed by a firm belief in innovation and a strong R&D culture, the creation of new downstream businesses continues to be the cornerstone of their strategy to capitalise on the integrated value chain.

Product List

Vitamin E- Tocotrienol®

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