Isomalt Powder- (C☆Pharm™ IsoMaltidex)

Product Description
  1. Isomalt is produced by the isomerisation and catalytic hydrogenation of sucrose, with subsequent solidification and milling.
  2. Thanks to its low hygroscopicity, moderate relative sweetness and non-cariogenicity, it is the product of choice for the preparation of non-sticky and transparent hard boiled candies.
  3. Cargill also offers an optimized grade of isomalt showing interesting possibilities in granulation and tabletting formulations.
  • Sugar-free bulking agent
  • Coating agent
  • Granulating agent
  • Diluent for tablets and capsules
  1. Medicated confectionery
  • Bulking agents in hard-boiled candies and lozenges
  • Sugar-free chewing gum
  1. ​Tablets and capsules
  2. Coating of tablets
  3. Sachets
  4. Suspensions
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