Omega-3 DHA

Product Description

Nu-MegaTM Ingredients is a world leader for microencapsulating high Omega-3 DHA. Its ground-breaking products, including Driphorm® HiDHA® 360 from fish oil, vegetarian DHA option Driphorm® SCO DHA-S 50 and vegan option Driphorm® HA DHA-S 30 offer:

Key Features:

  • Higher DHA levels than comparable products
  • Multiple product development opportunities
  • Remarkable 24-month shelf life at ambient temperature
  • No negative sensory impact
  • Key accreditations for worldwide applications
  • Organic input certification
  • All ingredients non-GMO by origin
  • Halal certified

Health Benefits:

  • Improved Cognitive function
  • Improved Cardiac Function
  • Improved Oxygen consumption
  • Lowered Inflammation
  • Improved Muscle Function

Nu-Mega Ingredients’ patented microencapsulation technologies ensure there is zero fishy aroma or taste, therefore no requirement for ingredients such as peppermint to mask marine odours.