Soya Lecithin Liquid (Epikuron™)

Product Description
  1. Cargill’s pharmaceutical phospholipids are fractionated soy lecithin products resulting in a high phospholipid content.
  2. For pharmaceutical applications, especially phosphatidylcholine (PC) offers many attractive properties. Many studies show that phospholipids help in maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. PC supports liver metabolism and may help detoxification.*
  • Choline source
  • Emulsifying and suspension agent
  • Wetting and dispersing agent
  • Anti-crystallization agent

1.Solid dosage forms

  • Wetting and dispersing agent for tablets and powders
  • Release agent for capsules
  • Fat crystallization delay in suppositories

2.Liquid dosage forms

  • Emulsifying and refattening agent for ointments
  • Emulsifying agent in liquid emulsions

3.Oral nutrition supplements

  • Choline source
  • Cholesterol controlling supplements
  • Liver protecting formulations
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