Enzymes for Garment Finishing

A. Garment Desizing

Amylase enzymes break down starch and are therefore useful for desizing garments.

●  PrimaGreen® EcoSize Plus

B. Garment Stonewashing

IndiAge® cellulase enzymes are perfect for creating the stonewashed looks of indigo- dyed denim, which can help eliminate the use of actual stones.

●  IndiAge® Super L
●  IndiAge® Super GX
●  IndiAge® ONE

C. Garment Fading

PrimaGreen® fading enzyme systems can be used to alter the colour and shade of indigo and Sulphur dyed fabric.

●  PrimaGreen® EcoWhite 10
●  PrimaGreen® EcoFade LT 100